7th IRP NanoSynergetics2 Workshop

10 November 2022 par G. Laurent
Program with abstracts is available

The IRP NanoSynergetics2 Workshop will be held on site Monday 28 & Tuesday 29 November 2022 at FIAP in Paris: FLYER

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  • With the support of « Séjours de scientifiques de haut niveau (SSHN) » Program:

This workshop is devoted to the starting of the second term of “NanoSynergetics2” 2022-2026. Up-scaling from molecular to macro- or cell-scales, and overcoming related bottlenecks, will be the core of the second term within two general topics, functional materials and nano-biology: materials for protection, for probing or for energy, as well as on the imaging, protein activity control and nano-delivery in biosystems.

Starting: November 28th, 2022 (Monday), 13:30
Ending: November 29th, 2022 (Tuesday), 18:00
Venue: FIAP Paris, 30 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris

Program (click on the title to read the abstract)

Monday 28 Nov.
13h30-14h00 Registration
14h00-14h15 Opening K. Nakatani / H. Miyasaka

14h15-14h45 Invited J. Abe (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) // Chair M. Sliwa
NIR-Light Responsive Negative Photochromism of Naphthylpyrene-Bridged Imidazole Dimer
14h45-15h30: 3 Orals // Chair M. Sliwa
C. Viravaux (USVQ – Paris Saclay): Temperatue sensors based on europium polyoxometalate and metal-organic frameworks
M. Yamada (NAIST): Syntheses and Photoreactivities of a Photochromic Tetrathiazole Ligand and its Fe(II) Complex
J. Mallétroit (ENS Paris-Saclay): Photophysical investigation of a negative photochromic compound
15h30-16h00: Invited L. Bertrand (ENS Paris-Saclay) // Chair R. Métivier
New developments in the study of cultural and natural heritage materials
16h00-16h30: Coffee break
16h30-17h00: Invited P. Samori (Strasbourg Univ.) // Chair K. Matsuda
Thank you photochromes for making 2D semiconductors multiresponsive
17h00-17h30: 2 Orals
// Chair: K. Matsuda
Y. Tsuri (NAIST): Flare like silhouette of concentration gradients observed by high speed shadowgraphy in the laser-induced anthracene crystallization
S. Katsumi (NAIST / ENS Paris-Saclay): Mechanofluorochromic C3 Symmetrical Difluoroboron-β-Diketonate and Its Precursor
17h30-18h00: Invited T. Fukaminato (Kumamoto Univ.) // Chair G. Laurent
Visible-light photochromism based on multiplicity conversion via intramolecular energy transfer in diarylethene-perylenebisimide dyads
18h00-18h15: 1 Oral // Chair G. Laurent
N. Fabre (CEA / Univ. Paris-Saclay): Time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy of diarylethene/perylene-based dyads

Tuesday 29 Nov.
8h30-09h00: Welcome coffee
9h00-09h30: Invited D. Bassani (Bordeaux Univ.)
// Chair J. Abe
Shedding light on molecular electronics
09h30-10h00: 2 Orals
// Chair J. Abe
L. Casimiro (ENS Paris-Saclay): Polydiacetylenes as force sensors in microfluidics
C. Mittelheisser (U. Lille): Photodynamic study of a new near-iR Photomodulatable Fluorescent Protein (iR-RSFP)
10h00-10h30: Invited J. Crassous (Rennes Univ.) // Chair T. Kawai
Helicenes: chiral platforms with fascinating properties.
10h30-11h00: Coffee Break
11h00-11h30: Invited K. Matsuda (Kyoto Univ.) // Chair E. Ishow
Enhancement of the Single-Molecular Conductance of Molecular Wire by Introducing a Radical Substituent
11h30-12h00: 2 Orals
// Chair E. Ishow
F. Miomandre (ENS Paris-Saclay): Analysis of photoinduced electron transfer in an electrochemical reaction
R. Kurosaki (NAIST): Unique Properties of 1,8-Cyclic Pyrene Oligomers

 12h00-14h00: Lunch

14h00-14h30 Invited T. Kawai (NAIST) // Chair G. Clavier
Synergetic Response and Enhancement of Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Chiral Molecular Materials
14h30-15h30: 4 Orals
Chair: G. Clavier
A. Perrin (Ecole Polytechnique): Photo-switchable control of G-quadruplex DNA folding by azobene derivatives
H. Hamamoto (Kyoto Univ.): A Formation of Organic S = 1 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg 1‐D Chain by verdazyl-Nitroxide diradical and the Observation of Long‐Range Ordering and Haldane gap
Chair: C. Allain
N. Goual (ENS Paris-Saclay): Bimetallic complexes of photoswitchable phospines derived from nine-membered cyclic azobenzenes : synthesis, photochromic properties and uses in gold catalysis
Y. Tsuji (NAIST): Substituent Effects on the Acceptor Part of CP-TADF Dimers
15h30-16h00: Invited J. Piard (ENS Paris-Saclay) // Chair C. Allain
Tranferring research to teaching – the case of photochromism
16h00-16h30: Coffee break
16h30-17h00: Invited D. Kitagawa (Osaka Metropolitan Univ.) // Chair A. Bouchet
Photochemical Reaction Kinetics in Photomechanical Molecular Crystals
17h00-17h30: Student mobility experience // Chair: K. Nakatani
17h30-18h00: Conclusion K. Nakatani

18h30: Socializing drink

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