[Evt] LIA Graduate student day, Friday 16th July

12 July 2021 par G. Laurent
On line LIA Graduate Student day

Program of the on line LIA Graduate student day (List of abstracts, click here)

09:30//16:30-09:40//16:40 Opening: K. Nakatani & H. Miyasaka
09:40//16:40-09:50//16:50 ISHII Wataru M2, NAIST, Chair T. Nakashima
Light-induced structural isomerization of silver nanocluster and subsequent luminescence enhancement
09:50//16:50-10:00//17:00 LANGLARD Arthur M1, ENS Paris Saclay, Chair G. Laurent
Determination of the absorption coefficients of the metastable species in T-type photochromic systems
10:00//17:00-10:10//17:10 NANNO Takayuki M2, Osaka Univ., Chair. S. Ito
Induction of directional motion of a polymer microstructure by using photon pressure due to fluorescence emission
10:10//17:10-10:20//17:20 MITTELHEISSER Cédric M2, Univ. Lille, Chair M. Sliwa
High-Loaded Organic Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Live-cell Nanoscopy
10:20//17:20-10:30//17:30 ITO Hiroaki M2, Aoyama Gakuin Univ., Chair K. Mutoh
Photochromic Properties of Biaryl-Bridged Imidazole Dimer with Extension of the π-conjugation on the Bridging Unit

10:30//17:30-11:00//18:00 Coffee Break

11:00//18:00-11:10//18:10 WANG Zhaoxin D1, ENS Paris Saclay, Chair J. Xie
Synthesis of photoswitchable glycosides
11:10//18:10-11:20//18:20 SHINOZUKA Tomohito M2, Kyoto Univ., Chair K. Matsuda
Evaluation of electron tunneling efficiency via armchair graphene nanoribbons (AGNRs) by calculating exchange interaction between terminally attached radicals with UDFT method.
11:20//18:20-11:30//18:30 EFTEKHARI Ali D2, Univ. Lille, Chair A. Bouchet
Photophysical properties of ultra-small upconverting nanoparticles toward developing optical fluctuation probes for super-resolution nanoscopy
11:30//18:30-11:40//18:40 MORITA Yusuke M2, Osaka Univ., Chair H. Sotome
Elucidation of Structural Relaxation Dynamics of Cycloparaphenylene in the Excited State Using Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy
11:40//18:40-11:50//18:50 Closing remarks & Prize Ceremony: K. Nakatani & H. Miyasaka

Zoom link & password should be asked to michel.sliwa@univ-lille.fr

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